Birth doula

A birth doula helps you prepare a birth plan and discusses the many options open to you. You will have 2 prenatal visits and then you can call your doula to come to your house right from the first contraction. They will be by your side and stay with you right until you are comfortably holding your baby in your arms. They help communicate your needs to the medical team and offer support to your partner if he/she needs to have time out or rest. They can help with pain relief such as massage, acupressure, essential oils or homeopathy.

Shiatsu in second stage of labour.

Shiatsu in second stage of labour.

Justine offers both birth doula and postnatal doula services.

She can help support you through late pregnancy and the journey of birth and also help you in the first weeks when bonding with your new baby.


We have used acupressure with the birth of our baby successfully.
After my water broke contractions failed to establish. To help labour move along I used the pressure point in the hand to get the contractions going. About 2.5 hours later I was in the second stage of labour.
During the end of the first stage we started pressure on the sacral points. During the first stage we used these points to take the edge off the contractions, and during the second stage I needed continuous pressure on the sacral points (I told my poor husband to come back here and do not let go for anything :)). That’s all we got to use as my labour progressed very fast and we had a baby in about 2.5 hours after labour was well established.
I would recommend everyone to use acupressure as alternative to establishing labour and pain management. Hiring a support person specializing in acupressure could also be very useful.
— Agnes & John